‘Thrilling time’ for Langham Preaching in Turkey

Langham Preaching in Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful country, lying in both Asia and Europe, and culturally drawing elements from the East and the West.  Believers there are very much in the minority and face many challenges. Statistics reveal that just 0.04 percent of the population are biblical Christians (source: ufm.org.uk) But Langham Preaching has had a postive impact…

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Reaching the Myanmar Chin in their own language


A good biblical resource, like a good Bible teacher, can impact a life.  Think of the books that have impacted your understanding of God’s Word and encouraged you in your own walk with Jesus. Now, imagine not having access to them.    This is the staggering reality for the Chin people of Myanmar—and for many believers…

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From the margins, for the margins

Fifteen years ago, Langham Scholar Athena Gorospe gave a devotional in which she called her audience – wealthy American Christians – to be downwardly mobile. That morning in Pasadena, she argued that they should recover “Jesus’s concern for the marginalised, the invisible people.” Athena has dedicated herself to this plea – and to practicing what…

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Listening to God’s Word and the World

If you’re looking to find Langham Scholar Dr. Rolex Cailing, a biblical leader trained with support from Langham in the Philippines, you’re going to have to look in some unusual places. Many Filipinos would expect to find him tucked away in his office all day. But Rolex is more likely to be found engaged in…

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“CEEBC meeting was an eye-opening experience”

The editorial group for the Central Eastern European Bible Commentary (CEEBC) met in Wroclaw, Poland, in the week of November 20-25. It was their third planning meeting, in a series of continuing efforts to prepare the ground for the production of a Bible Commentary that would reflect and respond to the needs of Christian churches…

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Vital commentary for Central and Eastern Europe

The process of putting together the Central and Eastern European Bible Commentary (CEEBC), plus 100 articles on regional issues, includes many meetings, conference calls, drafts, edits and gruelling hard work. The seed of the idea has been planted, an editorial team chosen, and contributors found. The CEEBC’s theological editors met for a few days in November…

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