‘Radiantly different’ series equips believers in Muslim contexts

Langham has published the first in a pioneering new commentary series written by and for believers in Muslim contexts. 

The virtual launch for ‘Windows on the Text: Genesis 1-11’ was held in September, hosted by Emad Botros. Emad is a Langham Scholar and he facilitated the project while serving as an Old Testament professor in Lebanon. 

The book, written by Anwarul Azad and Ida Glaser, develops biblical insight in deliberate conversation with the Qur’an, the Hadith, and local Islamic cultures. 

The Bible speaks

It equips believers to live out their faith in loving service within their communities by being confident that the Bible in its entirety speaks directly into Muslim contexts. 

Pieter Kwant, Director of Langham Literature, said he is “delighted” that this book has been published:

Ida Glaser
Ida Glaser, co-author of Windows on the Text: Genesis 1-11′, speaking during its virtual launch.

“Langham loves to give a platform to those who we normally do not hear and read.

“We pray that God will bless this book, as the first-fruit in a line of many volumes to follow.”

During the virtual launch, Emad expressed his appreciation for co-author Anwarul Azad, who sadly died from Covid-19 in 2020. He had been the Academic Dean of the Institute for Classical Languages Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Endorsed by global leaders

Series Editor Martin Accad, also a Langham Scholar, called for theologians and authors who live in Muslim contexts to join the process of writing further books in the series.

Emad Botros
Langham Scholar Emad Botros facilitated the project while serving as an Old Testament professor in Lebanon.

‘Windows on the Text: Genesis 1-11’ has been endorsed by respected leaders around the world. 

Langham Scholar Havilah Dharamraj said the commentary is “as exquisitely splendorous as a rainbow. What a radiantly different, biblically faithful, and Christ-honouring approach to understanding and applying Genesis 1–11!”

‘Heart filled with joy’

And Nilufar Abdusatarova, from the Bible Society of Uzbekistan, said: “My heart was filled with joy because this book highlights the truth of the Bible from an Eastern perspective that I can relate to. The authors have woven together biblical and cultural threads into a beautiful, unique tapestry.”

Please pray that this seminal resource will bless and equip believers to live out their faith in Muslim contexts around the world. 

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