About Didasko Files

The Didasko Files is a growing series which takes its name from the New Testament Greek verb ‘didasko’ meaning ‘I teach’.  At the present moment, this series consists of six booklets, all of which were written by friends of Lausanne Movement.

Didasko Files In the Chinese Language

As part of commitment to the worldwide evangelical Church and the Third Lausanne Congress held in Cape Town South Africa from 16 to 25 October, Langham Foundation Ltd has published the Didasko Files in the Chinese language.



For the Lord we Love: Your study guide to The Lausanne Covenant by John Stott

The Lausanne Covenant, more than any other document in recent Church history, has served to define the evangelical faith. It is a covenant with one another and with the Lord himself. Each section is followed by a short commentary and finishes with questions for personal use or for groups. You will find it stimulating and refreshing.




An Authentic Servant :  The marks of a spiritual leader 
by Ajith Fernando

There are hundreds of books on leadership. This one is different. Ajith Fernando cuts to the heart of the matter. Are we willing to serve, even if it is costly? A searching read for leaders of churches, home groups, student fellowships, mission agencies. Study guide included.





More Precious than God : Read the Bible in one or two years(McCheyne Bible Reading Plan)

The McCheyne Bible reading plan starts with the ‘four great beginnings’ and takes you through a wonderful sweep of Scripture.  John Stott has used it for over 50 years, and says ‘Nothing has helped me more than this to grasp the grand themes of the Bible’.  Start at any stage in the year. Advice for new users included.




Light, Salt and the World of Business: Why we must stand against corruption 
by Sir Fred Catherwood

It can be costly to practise Christian standards if the system in which we work has corruption built into it. Fred Catherwood is a realist with a big dream.  He writes from deep experience in industry and in politics.  Honest practice makes for the most profitable business. His suggestion for a way forward merits wide attention. Study Guide included.




The Grace of Giving: 10 principles of Christian giving 
by John Stott

A beautiful exhortation to consider what to give. John Stott finishes by saying he has been caused to reconsider his own giving through writing it.  For new Christians and for everyone serious about their giving.  Sometimes we need to adjust our giving downwards, when circumstances change. John Stott writes as a pastor.




The Glory of the Cross: The great crescendo of the gospel by James Philip

As we turn these pages, we follow the gospel narrative through familiar events from the Last Supper to Calvary. But wait. Perhaps things are not quite as familiar as you thought. Here we discover rich and perceptive insights in an unusual blend of doctrinal truth and pastoral application. A truly stunning read. Study guide included.



Didasko files nurturing the body of Christ

These booklets all share one thing in common.  Their purpose is to nurture Christians in our love for Christ and to equip us as His ambassadors in reconciling the world to Himself.  What’s more, with the Chinese publication being available, we hope this practical resource can help the Chinese Christian readers not only to grow in their faith but also to work together with the global Church in reaching God’s ultimate goal of bringing the whole world to the knowledge and worship of the Lord Jesus Christ.

To purchase, contact the Evangelical Reading Room at tel. no. 2369 8513. If you are ordering from abroad, please contact the distributor at  wholesale@fes.org.hk.