Providing crucial care to volcano survivors in DR Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is facing significant challenges: famine, war, Covid-19. And last year a volcano erupted near Goma city, displacing hundreds and leaving many destitute and traumatised – including Christian leaders. 

Dr Eraston Kighoma, who gained his PhD through Langham, played a key role in the relief effort.

Langham Graduate Dr Eraston Kighoma with his wife Judith and members of the family.

His organisation CIMR (Centre for Intercultural Missions and Research) provided relief to the vulnerable. Alongside emergency food packages and physical support, Dr Eraston’s team also gave pastoral care sessions.

Strength to face difficulties

Ruchocha, the widow of a retired Baptist minister, expressed her joy and gratitude for this ministry:

“I struggle alone to face difficult situations and I shut myself in. This organisation has shown me that there are many people who care about us, the moment of sharing has given me the strength to face the situation we are going through now.

“Even though I know the situation is very difficult, this message has given me hope again and reminded me that God is with us even in suffering and that I must learn to continually bring my burden to the cross of Christ.”

‘Oasis of hope’

Like Ruchocha, many widows and retired pastors have taken back a smile and hope in the face of this moment of uncertainty.

CIMR also ran training sessions for Christians who lost their houses and most of their possessions. These included youth leaders, pastors and their wives.

Dr Eraston’s organisation CIMR provided vital emergency support to many displaced families.

Dr Eraston urged the participants to be an “oasis of hope” in the midst of war and in the wake of the eruption. 

PhD has a direct impact

He said the leaders needed to restore their congregants who’ve been broken by the pressures of life.

Dr Eraston sees his PhD as having a direct impact on these vital ministries. He said:

“Changing the nature of the Church from a heaven-oriented Church running away from war, violence and poverty into a missional Church is a wonderful business which requires a well-equipped professor to prepare the workforce.”

‘Forever grateful for Langham’

He added that his PhD “not only provided me with abilities and skills in research, teaching, mentoring and equipping the Church but also provided me with skills on theology, war and mission in war-torn contexts which I am able to pass on.”

Dr Eraston said he will be ‘forever grateful to God for Langham’.

Through supporting Langham Scholars like Dr Eraston, you are impacting some of the neediest communities around the globe. Thank you!

Pastors affected by the volcano eruption receiving vital training sessions.
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