Vital commentary for Central and Eastern Europe

25 April 2018

The process of putting together the Central and Eastern European Bible Commentary (CEEBC), plus 100 articles on regional issues, includes many…
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The Japanese & Christianity

5 April 2018

In the middle of old habits Mr Big Bell, a Japanese man, wrote, ‘My family worshipped at the Buddhist family…
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Author Spotlight – Yohanna Katanacho

31 March 2018

Langham Scholar, author and editor Yohanna Katanacho gives some background to his journey of faith and the story behind Praying Through…
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Consecrated on a football pitch

27 March 2018

Not every football pitch gets a crowd of 10,000 spectators. Nor does every bishop have 10,000 people singing at their…
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A Scholar’s response to terrorist attacks in Burkina Faso

26 March 2018

Langham Scholar Yacouba Sanon, who is from Burkina Faso in West Africa, reacts to recent events in his home country….
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緊急請求 Ugent Appeal (2018-03-16)

16 March 2018

親愛的朋友與支持者: 在過去一年,靈風基金走過更具挑戰的一年,但首先請與我們一起為著2017年內我們在全球各地的發展獻上感恩。


13 March 2018

上帝的作為:運動擴展見成果 在過去一年,靈風基金面對更具挑戰的一年,但我們也得著不少從主而來的恩惠,好叫你我能一起感恩的。從全球的角度看,我們的事工繼續延展到108個國家。在2017年,我們現時正在資助著68位神學博士的研究生,並為牧者及教會領袖舉辦了超過280個講道人的訓練課程。