‘May their tribe increase!’

17 December 2014 |

Langham Preaching Volunteers Who are Langham Preaching Volunteers? They are men and women who freely give their time and energy…
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Ebola Update

26 November 2014 |

Langham-trained preachers around the world serve their communities with incredible faithfulness – and in some of the hardest places, including…
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‘Simply, and in a Malagasy way of thinking …’

14 November 2014 |

The Africa Bible Commentary for Madagascar On Sunday 12 October 2014, the Malagasy translation of the Africa Bible Commentary (ABC)…
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2015 Langham Partnership – Cambridge University Scholarship

10 November 2014 |

The Divinity Faculty Board at Cambridge University and Langham Partnership are pleased to offer the Cambridge-Langham Award for an outstanding…
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In the midst of Ebola

14 October 2014 |

Weep with those who weep in Sierra Leone In May this year we reported in an article entitled ‘Broadcasting Christ’…
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‘Charged and Transformed on the Anvil of Scripture …’

8 October 2014 |

Towards a Christian ministry filled with present hope for the poorest in Zimbabwe Collium Banda is a Zimbabwean Langham Scholar…
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‘The purpose of Langham Preaching went straight into my heart!’

4 September 2014 |
Emmanuel, his wife Gladys and daughet Milcah Ineza

The volunteers who drive the Langham Preaching movement Langham Preaching is blessed by the generous help of many gifted and…
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‘I have more confidence in God and in myself to face what the future holds’

23 July 2014 |
Liz & Cookie meet in the local coffee shop

Scholarship with ‘Double Reward’ As the Care Coordinator for Langham Scholars in the UK, Liz McGregor regularly meets with the…
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A Prophetic Voice

9 June 2014 |

Ukraine: Publishing ‘the things we desperately need …’ Earlier this year, Langham Literature helped fund the publication of a Russian…
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Broadcasting Christ!

12 May 2014 |
Agnes Teaching

Sierra Leone: delighting in God’s word ‘As we listened to the 40-minutes’ exposition, and the question-and-answer session that followed, our…
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