Stepping up to train others in the South Pacific

“At first, when Covid-19 struck, I thought it meant the suspension of Langham Preaching in the South Pacific”, writes Stephen Williams, Langham Preaching‘s Regional Coordinator for the South Pacific. “In a sense I was right: all training cancelled; a ‘line-up’ meeting in Tonga postponed and, in Australia, the second training of Aboriginal preachers stopped. It…

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First Langham Preaching event for Indigenous Australian pastors

Rick & Kayleen Manton

On 30 September 2019, a very special Langham Preaching training commenced in Cootamundra, NSW. This was the first ever Langham Preaching seminar held in Australia with Australian Indigenous pastors. Aboriginal pastor Rick Manton who ministers in Western Sydney, attended Level One Langham training at the Christian Leaders Training College in the Papua New Guinea Highlands…

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Pray for Langham Preaching in the South Pacific

When you hear “Fiji”, your first thought might be a tourist destination with stunning beaches and constant sunshine. But last month, sun-bathing was out of the question for over 50 people who attended Langham Preaching training. Retired minister Stephen Williams and Revd Andy Shudall were among the trainers who led one group through the first…

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