Pray for West Africa coordinator Roland Tamini

Roland Tamini is Langham Preaching’s regional coordinator for West Africa. He shared his testimony for a ‘Preaching Postcard’:

How did Jesus find you?

I grew up in a non-practicing Catholic family. I had a relatively happy childhood until a crisis occurred between my parents. They eventually separated, and I was deeply affected. I was so angry and bitter against my parents that I became a rebellious teenager. When I got to high school, one of my classmates started to talk to me about Jesus. One day he invited me to a programme at their church. That day, the sermon was on the parable of the prodigal son. I was deeply touched by the Heavenly Father’s love, and promptly accepted Jesus as my saviour and Lord.

What does serving Jesus look like for you this week?

Roland Tamini regularly visits church pastors in remote areas, encouraging them to get involved with Langham Preaching.

My weeks are not always the same. Most of the time I am busy preparing and conducting preaching seminars, or refresher workshops for our preaching clubs. I also devote a lot of time to building relationships with the main stakeholders of our preaching movement and networking with them. Very often I visit with preaching club coordinators and zonal leaders to assist according to their needs. I also visit church leaders regularly to explain what we are doing. I request permission to work with their pastors, especially in remote areas.

What do you enjoy about working with Langham Preaching?

Roland Tamini enjoys building relationships with local churches and encouraging preaching clubs.

I like the fact that Langham Preaching is a movement, rather than a centralised organisation with rigid structures and directives from top to bottom. With Langham Preaching I have the opportunity and freedom to serve God in my areas of giftedness. I really enjoy organising events, helping with the logistics, networking with people, and encouraging others. Another thing I like about Langham Preaching is that there is no such thing as discrimination based on status, race, titles, qualifications, etc. I love the humility and simplicity of the people serving in this ministry. It’s so encouraging to get to know and learn from highly gifted men and women who serve God with simplicity of heart.

Share a resource that has helped you in your preaching

I was helped by Equipped to Preach the Word, a simple and accessible resource developed by David Jackman to help preachers acquire the practical skills necessary to expound the Bible’s message.

Watch Roland explain why Langham Preaching’s work is vital in Bukina Faso, where churches are springing up but do not have trained pastors.


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