Latin American commentary reaches indigenous Argentinians

Pastor Silas received the Latin American Bible Commentary last year – he’s pictured here with his family.

Despite the devastation of Covid-19, the one-volume Bible commentary for Latin America has made it into the hands of Wichi indigenous people in Argentina.

A courier service delivered two copies of the Latin American Bible Commentary (LABC) to David Stokes in north-western Argentina in July.

He is responsible for formally training indigenous pastors. The LABCs took a month to arrive. Then David gave them to a pastors Oliva and Silas in Portillo, a town 60 miles north of where he lives.

Every corner of the continent

Pastor Oliva also received the commentary.

A number of different Christians in Argentina see the need for the LABC to reach every corner of the continent.

Ed Brice was involved in sending the commentaries and lives in Argentina. He said: “I am sure that this will be of lasting benefit for the Church of Jesus Christ in this part of the world.”

There are many distribution projects of the LABC, spearheaded by publishers Ediciones Kairós and Ediciones Certez Argentina.

Read more about the LABC, a project supported by Langham Literature. It took eleven years to complete and involved more than 100 scholars and Bible teachers from the continent.

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