Meet the Leadership

Meet our leaders. Pastors, Bible scholars, internationally respected theologians, evangelical publishers, ministry directors—all who share John Stott’s vision and heart for the global church.

Members of the Langham Foundation Board.

General Secretary – Mr. Victor SUN

Chairman – Dr. Philemon CHOI

Honorary Secretary – Ms. Debby CHEUNG

Honorary Treasury – Dr. Kai Man KWAN

Members – Dr. Barry CHEUNG, Professor Ron HUI, Dr. Andrew KWOK, Dr. Stephen LEE, Dr. Otto LUI, Rev. Benjamin YEUNG, Rev. Sok Han YONG

International Leadership of Langham.

Chris Wright is the International Ministries Director. His job is to represent and promote the vision and work of Langham around the world through his international travel and speaking and his writing ministry as a Christian scholar and author, and to share in the spiritual and strategic leadership of the organization. An ordained pastor in the Church of England, Chris spent five years teaching the Old Testament, and thirteen years as Academic Dean and then Principal of All Nations Christian College, in England.

Mark Hunt is the Executive Director.  His job is to provide international executive leadership to the senior team of ministry directors and national executives, and to facilitate the integration and effective operation of all Langham’s work around the world.  Prior to coming to Langham Mark spent nearly 30 years as a publishing executive with Zondervan, during which time he was also a Langham US board member and for several years Chair of the Langham Partnership International Council.

Pieter Kwant is the Director of Langham Literature. A Dutchman who has lived in South Africa, he has worked for several Christian publishers, including the one he founded himself, Piquant Editions. Pieter oversees the work of the Langham Literature Warehouse and Service Centre in Carlisle, England.

Paul Windsor is the Director of Langham Preaching. Paul coordinates an international team of national and regional co-ordinators and trainers who facilitate Langham Preaching movements around the world.  A native New Zealander, he currently lives and teaches homiletics at a seminary in South Asia. He has served as the Associate Director of Langham Preaching, and has also served as Principal of Carey Baptist College, Auckland, New Zealand.

Riad Kassis is the Director of Langham Scholars.  He is himself a Langham Scholar from Lebanon and is deeply committed to global theological education. Riad has served as Regional Director for the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe for Overseas Council as well as visiting professor of Old Testament at The Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Lebanon – which is where he lives. Riad combines this Langham appointment with another role, as the Director of ICETE  (the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education).

Mary Evans is Chair of the Langham Partnership International Council. She is a visiting lecturer at the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology in Addis Ababa and is the author of several books including the BST commentary on 1 and 2 Samuel.