Where We Serve

By God’s grace, the work and ministry of Langham is bearing fruit all over the world as pastors are trained, biblical books and resources are developed, and theological leaders are raised up to help transform nations for Christ.

Serving the global church.

By God’s grace, the vision and ministries of Langham Partnership are bearing fruit all over the world. Scholars serve in their home countries to train the next generation of pastors and Bible teachers. They are also voices of leadership in the global church, equipping leaders who start new ministries around the world. In addition, influential books such as the Africa Bible Commentary impact entire continents.Langham Preaching movements spread rapidly within countries by the multiplication of local preachers’ clubs, influencing thousands of pastors and blessing their churches with relevant biblical preaching.  Below is a listing of the number of countries in which Langham is involved in the major regions of the world. These are places where Langham trained leaders are serving the church through preaching God’s Word, where seminaries are being strengthened by godly and qualified teachers, and where evangelical writers or publishers are being fostered, but it does not include the many more countries where books are simply being distributed.

The total is 70 countries, and is made up as follows:

Langham serving in Africa – 20 countries
Langham serving in Asia – 10 countries
Langham serving in Latin America – 7 countries
Langham serving in Central America – 10 countries
Langham serving in Europe – 12 countries
Langham serving in Eurasia – 3 countries
Langham serving in the Pacific – 4 countries
Langham serving in the Caribbean – 5 countries